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[Finished] Gift a ZenFone 3 this Festive Season!!    

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Zen_Adi IND Guest Moderator | All posts
  • Event description
Online event

Event Start: 2016/10/6 18:34
Event End: 2017/4/4 18:34
Type:   Mr. Zen Live
Quota:   Unlimited, more is better!
Qualification:   Not Limited
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Who do you want to make happy this festive season? Gift a ZenFone 3 to your loved one and make their Diwali a #Zencridble one.


[How to Participate]

1.Register on ZenTalk
2.Comment on the thread below :
        "I would like to Gift a ZenFone3 to my ................ because .....[Suggest a favorite feature that makes you want to buy a Zenfone 3]................"

[Prize] :

1. 5 Lucky winners win Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 2000/-
2. 1 Craziest and best Answer will win the shimmering beauty ZenFone 3 which is Built For Photography, if the total unique participation is 500.

[Contest Period] :
10th October to 30th October 2016

[Winner Announcement]:
10th November 2016, 5 PM

All members have a Chance to Win the Prize. You can comment multiple times but your reason should be different.
Invite your beloved ones to be a part of this contest, they could stand a chance to win the contest too.
Hurry! The contest isn't open for long!

1.A participant cannot win twice in the same contest.
2.Dont forget to mention #ZenTalkIndia in your comment.
3.The promotion will be CANCELLED should the total participant number fail to reach 500.
4.A ZenFone 3 winner will be selected only if there is unique participation of 500 People.
5.By posting comments, photographs or any other information on this page, the visitors or users shall be deemed to have authorized ASUS to use such posts on ZenTalk and related ASUS websites, publications and printed materials.
6.By participating in this contest, you agree to abide by [ZenTalk]Terms & Conditions
7.Contest is valid for Indian participants only.
8.All prizes warranty in this Promotion shall be in line with its own warranty regulations.
9.A prize in this Promotion, in whole or in part, is not allowed to transfer or exchange and cannot be liquidated unless specified otherwise.
10.ASUS reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, make changes, or suspend this Promotion, as well as the rights of final definition. All changes will be announced on ZenTalk.


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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Last edited by suraj0606 on 2016/10/12 18:54

I would like to Gift a Zenfone 3 to my Sister  because she loves taking photos and zenfone 3 is built for photography And also want to let her no the that zenfone is really incredible. #zenTalkindiaxj_event
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
I would like to Gift a ZenFone3 to my Dad because the color correction sensor in it, is so powerful that it effectively improves color/ saturation capability of camera. Exactly what is required to display real and lively colors of clothing products.   #ZenTalkIndiaxj_event
IND Level 7 | All posts
I would like to Gift a ZenFone 3 to my Mother because she loves to make videos of cooking delicious recipes and ZenFone 3's 4K capable camera with OIS & EIS will best fit for her. #ZenTalkIndiaxj_event
IND Level 2 | All posts
I would like to gift this phone to my brother because his passion is photography and it is not possible to take all time a professional camera but zen phone 3 make that possible because it's camera is really good like professional cameras. xj_event
IND Level 1 | All posts
I would like to gift a zenfone 3 to my best friend because he don't have any android mobile yet and Zenfone 3 features are awesome and camera clarity is amazing I am using a zenfone and I will suggest everyone for zenfone #zenTalkindiaxj_event
Last edited by saurabhguttedar9 on 2016/10/12 22:55

I would like to Gift a ZenFone3 to my mother because she is very passionate for taking selfies and photos the best features makes me to buy a ZenFone3 is its Incredible camera best for photography lovers.xj_event
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
I would like to Gift a ZenFone3 to my Dad because He loves Photography, EIS,OIS and Color Correction Sensor combo lets us take beautiful photographs and videos, When a person loves photography, they need to opt Asus Zenfone 3, which is mix of reliability and performance.
Asus Zenfone 3 - Where Quality meets the Quantity.
IND Level 3 | All posts
Last edited by mevandy on 2016/10/17 15:07

I would like to gift a Zenfone3  to brother becauseof his  passion for photography and more than this it will be tribute for his photography. Zenfone 3 has enormous feature with its performance quality and its reliability make it different from rest of phones..Zenfone 3 can be anyones dream and it will be most beautiful gift
I wish the best person will win the Zenfone3.
Thanks Asus #ZenTalkIndia for giving us such a platform for expressing our feeling to our loved ones and to Zenfone3.  xj_event
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