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[Share] Apply update from sdcard via recovery mode of ZenFone 3 Max

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Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
Last edited by Tan Lee on 2016/10/1 18:44

Apply update from sdcard means you are applying system firmware zip file upgrade/downgrade to device via sdcard or what we called manual update.
Entering to android recovery mode & apply update from sdcard of ASUS ZenFone 3 Max is just similar with ASUS ZenFone Go MediaTek and other mediatek devices, but has few diffirence depending on what OS version they have.
Just a warning: Do not ever select or go through volume down, just dont do it. Take at your own risk, if failed to follow or some error encountered, i am not responsibe to data loss/phone bricked/system failed, so kindly back all of your important files,apps and contacts

Requirements: ASUS ZenFone 3 Max with atleast 75% of charge battery life,MicroSD and lastly the system firmware file, click here for the list of firmware zip file: and select android fo OS then maximize the firmware category,
(System firmware still not available on the website so keep visiting the link)
To download the zip file,select the preferred firmware version and click the highlight "Global" button below of the firmware (use UC Browser for faster download speed) and place the zip file to external storage.
Screenshot_20161001-121131.jpg Screenshot_20161001-121113_1.jpg

There are 3 ways basic to update your system firmware, via OTA, Manual update via internal storage and manual update via recovery mode apply from sdcard. Let's proceed first to apply from sdcard:
If completed above,now proceed below:
1. Turn off ASUS ZenFone 3 Max.
2. Press & hold power button + press/click volume up once.
Powet button,volume up.jpg

3. Then select "recovery", as you can see on your screen to select volume up and to enter press volume down.
Select recovery mode.jpg

4. The device will proceed just wait and then no command/deaddroid will displayed on your screen, nothing to worry with that just press & hold power button and press/click once for volume up and voila, you are now in android recovery mode.
No command.jpg

5. Select "apply update from sdcard" and select the system firmware zip file you have downloaded earlier and ok,ok,ok until instaling the firmware begin. Installing takes upto 45mins. Android recovery mode.jpg Appy from sdcard.jpg

6. Once  completed/successfully installed, select reboot system(restart device).
And you're done, you have updated/downgrade your device.

Other method way of updating system firmware:
Now, for manual update via internal storage just download the preferred system firmware version and if done dowloading, just place the firmware zip file on the internal storage(no folder) and restart the device, if notification system update appeared on status bar, proceed for installing and it's done.

for OTA Update, just go to phone settings about phone or in system update app then tap check system update and you just have to is download the firmware directly from ota and install.

For questions,suggestions,correction on my article, just go back here How to enter Android recovery mode of ZenFone 3 Max and what's inside and feel free to comment below and let's start talking
As much as possible, do not comment here. Thanks.

Thank you for visiting my article!
For ASUS ZenFone 3 Max review, visit here: [Review]ASUS ZenFone 3 Max

I am incredible

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PHL Level 1 | All posts
Hi po dr.zen aAsk lng po bkit po d ako maka pag update .unupdate ko sya njng nakaraan peru natgil ksi mhina cgnal ng wifi.tpos po ng inuupdate  ko n ulit ayaw nia mag update system..hope mag repku kau tnx
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Ask lng po bkit po d ako maka pag update .unupdate ko sya njng nakaraan peru natgil ksi mhina cgnal ng wifi.tpos po ng inuupdatr ko n ulit ayaw nia mag update system. Asus selfie po gmit ko po.
Tan Lee PHL Level 7 | All posts
genevievesy posted on 2016/10/2 20:11
Hi po dr.zen aAsk lng po bkit po d ako maka pag update .unupdate ko sya njng nakaraan peru natgil ks ...

Hi, please see my reply to my other thread.
PHL Level 1 | All posts
panu po d ko po mkita..pls help how to update my zenfone selfie
PHL Level 1 | All posts
if I use the apply update from sd card, my files in internal memory will retain or will it be deleted? thank you
ITA Level 2 | All posts
Hi Tan Lee, first of all thank you for sharing.
I have a question.
On my 3 max ZC520TL there is the android  Version WW-14.10.1708.58 (Android N), since there are so many bugs I would like to install the last Android MM version available.
Can I use your HowTo to install MM?

This void the warranty? Is it possible to downgrade it in this way and safey?

Thank you very much.
IND Level 1 | All posts
Please be specific My device is Asus ZOD10D (zc550kl) model.
I really want to change my operating system I know Asus have regret the downgrade of system.. but please can some one help me I have tried all possible way to unlock my bootloader but they haven't yet provide bootloader so I can install twrp file and use custom rom for changing operating system or downgrading my marshmallow to lollipop
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