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If you're following different Tech related pages on Facebook, you'd probably heard of the news that Google is going to rebrand their well known Nexus phones into Pixel phone. In line with this, current Nexus phones received an update a few weeks ago which also renamed the Nexus launcher into Pixel Launcher. Luckily someone tried to get the APK and shared it for non-Nexus users to experience it. And we are one of those who are excited to try it.

The shared file has 2 Apks inside. The Pixel Launcher apk itself and the other one is a wallpaper picker that offers different good looking wallpaper that would match the Pixel Launcher.

Upon downloading all you have to do is to extract the Apks and install them one by one.

Please take note the Pixel Launcher is not yet final and has lots of missing features like it wont support your favorite icon packs, but still it is a good one and it is worth trying.


Getting to the launcher, you will notice that there is no app drawer. Google finally get rid of the app drawer and replaced it with a pull-up app drawer instead, making it very simple yet beautiful. You can also notice that they changed the Google Search bar into a "Google Pill" which you might think is a widget, but it is not, therefore you cannot remove it. The same goes for the Date & Time on its right side. This is okay for me as it saves me from pulling down the notification tray everytime i want to check the Day and Date.



The animation of the pull-up app drawer is very fluid eventhough the launcher is not yet final. The drawer starts as a transparent dock then gradually turns into white as it reaches the upper most part of the screen. The apps are listed vertically and there is a search tab on the upper part of the drawer where you can search for your installed apps. You can quickly browse through the listed apps by pulling down the side bar.



Tap and hold down while in the home screen window to show 3 shortcuts: Wallpapers, Widgets, and Launcher Settings. Tapping the Wallpapers will lead you to a list of wallpaper including the wallpapers from the Wallpaper Picker app that is included in the file. From here you can choose your preferred wallpaper for your Home screen and you can even set it to change daily (Unfortunately this wont change your lockscreen wallpaper so it might look kinda awkward). Widgets is self explanatory, the same goes for the launcher settings.

Overall, the pixel launcher is great despite missing different features from my favorite 3rd party launcher like Nova Launcher. Hopefully it will be available in the Play Store (which at the same time i think won't since it is exclusive for Nexus lol).

If you already tried Pixel launcher on your ZenFone, let us know in the comment section below and tell us what you think about it.

(Pixel Launcher - Download Link) - Try at your own risk - Credit goes to @LlabTooFeR from Twitter

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thanks for this review about the google launcher
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