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My problem is when i touch in spesific area (like my screenshoot) with only 1 finger its will be multi touch and show 2 spot..
Its annoying when i playing games..
Looks like my screen had 2 different areas..
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Hi renol adinata,

It seems like your LCD touchsceen got an issue known as ghost touch.

I discovered that the automatic touches on the screen of android phone was mainly caused by some static electricity or oil on screen which was making it to 'think' and act like I am touching it.  To solve this problem, try giving the phone a good wipe with a slightly wet clothe to get rid of the oil, wash your hands well enough and dry them and try maintaining them clean, dry and free from oil. Also if you have been using electronics such as computers and laptops or even tablets, you should earth yourself by touching a metal in contact with the ground. This will get rid of the static electric charges in your body.
Magnetic interference somehow could trigger this issue. Please make sure to untick all options on ASUS Cover.
In another case however, the jerking and automatic touches on screens of your android phones may be due to manufacturing defect in the tourch screen of your android phone. Better way to send your phone to ASC for further analysis. Replacing LCD touchscreen will solve this issue.
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